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A website for JM Tate High School Class of 1987 graduates. 25+ year reunion plans here! Lalla@WalterPierce.com

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It’s not who you know...



It’s who you get to know!!


Pensacola Leaders (LEAD-ers) mission is business... enhancing the business well being of its members and the business community in Pensacola, Florida.


Our weekly meeting takes place each Wednesday at the Heritage Room of Seville Quarter at 148 Government Street at 7:30 a.m. Click here for more information.


This breakfast meeting is LEAD-ers primary business function. Referrals are exchanged and opportunities identified. Members introduce themselves, their company and make special announcements of importance to their business.


Pensacola LEAD-ers offers a number of functions throughout the year which enhance the social interaction among members. Spouses are welcome.


Pensacola LEAD-ers . . "puts members to work for each other and the business of Northwest Florida."




Rotary International http://pensacolanorth.org/  Chartered September 21, 1976, Pensacola North meets every Friday at Asbury Place across from Pensacola Junior college in the Cedar sided building set back from 9th Avenue, just 2 blocks north of Cordova Mall.

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